Our aims

Our aims

PEHRG has the following aims:

1)   To produce systematic evidence concerning inequalities and injustices in access to health and social care services at national and regional level.

2)   To monitor and strenghten public policies by:

a.   monitoring access to hospital and local healthcare facilities;

b.   evaluating health and inter-sector policies aiming  reducing health inequalities;

c.  promoting multiculturalism in healthcare and social structures.

3)   To provide training activities aiming at:

a.   reducing inequalities (e.g. promotion of integration), for general practitioners and paediatricians and to hospital staff and local facilities;

b.   introducing into regional healthcare system a systematic recourse to economic evaluation and impact assessment techniques;

4)   To carry out activities supporting policy-makers for defining strategies and multi-sector policies (social and healthcare) for tackling inequalities at local level;

5)   to produce periodical research reports on health conditions and recourse to health services, evaluating the performance of the region in this direction.


The target populations of the research activity are, in the first place, the populations at risk of marginalisation and social exclusion, particularly the migrant and the low-income population and/or at risk of poverty.

Initially, the analysis will be local/regional/national, while in a second phase global health initiatives targeting developing countries will be undertaken.